The divine in me heals and honours the divine in you. This Sanskrit greeting is wonderful: NAMASTE. It reminds us that all of us have something divine inside, that we are co-creators.My task will be that of making you take responsibility in the search of yourselves in such a way as to let you find by yourselves those answers that may enhance your life's progress and your personal development.

Stress, depression and burnout all come from the separation of our two brain halves (yin/yang, male/female, intuitive/analytical) and the division of our heart that is as a matter of fact hindered by our linear way of thinking.

Nature does not divide and does not limit. It renews itself and gets young without ceasing. If you are ready to get rid of all your preconceptions and radicated ideas, then all those changes, that can make your life better, are surely possible, although they may seem unimaginable today.

Through proactive conversations and by means of various energy techniques I support your regenerating forces and encourage the development of your personality so that you may live your life full of joy and love in a self-determined way.

I would like to make clear that my intervention does not in any way substitute a medical visit. I am a non medical practitioner in psychotherapy. I operate always in an accompanying and supporting way. I help you in getting conscious of your own force, in getting yourself. In this holistic search, you get to "feel" yourself in a different and completely new way, living your life with lightness and joy.

Life Coaching

A beggar had spent more than thirty years sitting by the side of the street. One day a stranger passed by. “Have you got some money to give me?” mumbled the beggar putting out his old baseball cap automatically. “I have nothing to give you”, said the stranger... » read more


Energy Work

It is all already there, inside of you, and it is just waiting to be discovered, to be seen, to be brought to light and lived and loved.You just have to take the first step, you alone decide if and when you need help. Everything you meet outside... » read more


Holistic Pulsing

Holistic Pulsing is a gentle but intensive body-oriented relaxation technique that was developed about 40 years ago by the osteopath Tovi Browning.Through rocking and vibrating movements the body comes into a gentle oscillation that acts from head....» read more