About me


Born in Augsburg (Germany), my astrological sign is the Virgo. Yes, I know that this means that intellect and reason are always in the foreground. That is exactly why I was always, and still am, trying to let the heart speak out loud. Ascendant Scorpio, that is where the principle of the eternal dying and becoming comes through, the “let it be” lesson. As you see, what you experience and what you live can increase your understanding and compassion for others. That is the way we all go. Everyone along the way that is intended for them, that they have chosen for themselves.

After my economics studies, I spent many years working as product manager for various publishers. The past ten years I have been dedicating myself to what gives me fulfilment, that is to train and put to use my healing and advisory skills: for those who want to live in love, for those who want to live their lives in peace, joy, light, love and harmony.
I’m here for you.

I am a non medical psychotherapist. I work particularly with the following systems of treatment: Client-centered interviewing, Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, Buddhist psychotherapy, MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, animal based therapy, therapy for couples.

I am here for you.