Energy Work


It is all already there, inside of your, and it is just waiting to be discovered, to be seen, to be brought to light and lived and loved.

You just have to take the first step
You alone decide if and when you need help. Everything you meet outside you bear already in yourself, otherwise it would not be possible for it find resonance inside of you. The first cause of all aspects of life is in yourself – and so are all solutions, cures and fulfilments.

Everything that happens – or that does not happen, if you wish – is right and significant
Only through a change in the attitude of your imagination can everything be changed. It is good if you concentrate on the beautiful things of life that Nature has to offer, if only you are receptive. Nature is the guide and shows you the beauties of the earth. Changes or wonders may take place all of a sudden in your life, or they make take their time and slowly creep in. Everything depends on your temperament and your inner disposition, as well as on the flowing cosmic energies, which correspond to the will of your higher spirit.

The power of thought is the strongest force
That is why you can have an influence on everything. Everything that finds its expression with “I AM” manifests itself, no matter if consciously or unconsciously. The “I AM” expresses God. Every wish manifests itself with “I AM THE PRESENT” and has a faster and long lasting effect in your life. I encourage you to speak your “I AM”, to feel it, to act it out. I help you to live in the HERE and NOW.

You just have to express your willingness
And all the helpers on the subtle level begin to activate for you all the powers you need to face your tasks. I help you say YES. Once you have spoken the YES-word from the bottom of your heart, then are all the forces of the spiritual and the material world at your disposal.

There is no duality on the higher levels of the spirit
No division. Neither Good nor Bad, neither Light nor Dark. These aspects are reunited in one thing. I help you take responsibility for yourself and for your life, to see where this dualism becomes oneness, which is what it always was in the first place.

To live out love
I help you in letting the heart’s life energy and the brain’s intelligence flow together into a divine Oneness.

We all are creators
We alone are responsible for what happens in our own life. Your thinking determines your actions. The purity of your thoughts is the trigger of your good deeds. I help you to recognise the devine that is in you and to take control of your creative power. Then there will be no victims and no offenders.

In the heart there is an source of energy
This is the centre of our soul. In this point the force of the whole Universe is concentrated, its love force. It yearns to be lived out, to expand itself. Everything should roll along in this energy. I help you to live your love out, to follow the call of the heart, to give yourself over to the cosmic and the earthly changes. So all power confrontations, as well as your sense of helplessness, lose all meaning.

Fears must be converted into confidence
The heart’s love must be made to flow, so that your self-consciousness awakes and is made available to your neighbour. I support you in finding the way to your heart, to your love, to the force in you.