Holistic Pulsing

HOLISTIC PULSING isholisticpulsing
… massage for the soul
… an invitation for the body to get into harmony with itself
… the celestial sensation to be alive
… simply incredibly relaxing
… not to be described, you have to feel it
… the new dimension of wellbeing.

Holistic Pulsing is a gentle but intensive body-oriented relaxation technique that was developed about 40 years ago by the osteopath Tovi Browning.

Through rocking and vibrating movements the body comes into a gentle oscillation that acts from head to toe. After only a few moments the person under treatment sinks in a deep, soothing relaxation. The cell memory is activated by the rhythm, similar to the heartbeat of a foetus, and the cells find so their way back to their original purpose.

The receivers MUST not do anything at all, they have not even to relax. The supreme principle in Holistic Pulsing is the purposelessness. The task of this intuitive energy work is to bring together in harmony the body with the spirit and the soul and to switch from thinking to feeling.

Our body knows everything and never lies.

A Holistic Pulsing session acts well into the depths of the body, all cells are made to remember their common healthy origin.

The breathing takes place in the element air. Holistic Pulsing awakes the memory of your origin within the element water. Deep feelings of being newly generated and being able to generate awaken.

If something within the body no longer moves, if it is tense and rigid, all it needs is a touch.

Try it, enjoy it!