Life Coaching

Taken from Eckhart Tolle: Now! The power of the present moment:lebensberatung

A beggar had spent more than thirty years sitting by the side of the street. One day a stranger passed by. “Have you got some money to give me?” mumbled the beggar putting out his old baseball cap automatically. “I have nothing to give you”, said the stranger and then asked: “What is that you’re sitting on?” “Oh”, answered the beggar, “It is only an old box. I’ve been sitting on it ever since I remember.” “Have you ever looked into it?” asked the stranger. “No”, said the beggar, “what for? There is nothing inside.” “Look into it” insisted the stranger. The beggar managed to open the box. Full of wonder, incredulity and excitement he discovered that the box was full of gold.

I am the stranger who has nothing to give you and advises you to look into yourself. Not in a box as in this story, but nearer: inside yourself. All those who have not yet found their true richness, the radiating joy of the being, and the deep, unshakeable peace that comes from it, all those are beggars even if they may be rich in material things. They look outside of themselves for satisfaction and fulfillment, for self-esteem, security and love, while they cannot see the treasure they guard inside, a treasure that contains all these things and that, at the same time, is bigger than everything the world has to offer them.

If you wish, I can accompany you for a while on this search and help you rediscover and dig out your most personal treasures from the deep ground where they lie buried, from inside yourselves, or scattered in the vast universe. Your “lost” share of this treasure waits only for your impulse to get back to you and to bring you back into your personal vigor.
If you wish, I can support you in your acceptance of yourselves: “I am as good as I am”. “I flow like water and have my feet planted on the ground at the same time. I burn like fire and move like the raging wind. Fire, water, air and earth: all the elements are inside of me.”