Spiritual Jewels

The Flower of Love spiritual jewels offer high-quality spiritual jewellery in attractive design.

The Flower of Love is incorporated in every jewel. But all the jewels are unique. The Flower of Love jewel is worked in 18-karat rose gold. The reason why rose gold has been chosen is that it this alloy, through the copper content, reflects Venus. Copper is currently an important issue, it helps us open the heart. And it supports us in recognizing that we are all part of the one.

It is said that, as she rose from the sea in Cyprus, the goddess Venus (a symbol of beauty and sensuality, that is of the female) received first of all a mirror made of copper. The central organ of copper metabolism is the liver, symbolizing the original sense of confidence! It regulates the concentration of this trace element in the body where it is responsible for many biological processes.

Copper is especially important in developing the female reproductive organs and in the hormonal balance. In the jewels it is again representative of the feminine energy that we need in such an essential way especially today.

Copper has an astringent and antiseptic effect, it is detoxifying, antispasmodic and promotes sensuality and vitality, as well as the sense of justice and friendship.

Copper stores crystalline structures that result from physical metabolic processes and transforms them into therapeutic, self-renewing vibrations.

The jewels are combined with matching, energetic precious stones. I let the harmony of different types of stone and colours inspire me: your colours, chakra colours, and colours that form a beautiful consonance with the planet Venus.

The result is beautiful jewellery that harmonically supports the wearer in what concerns beauty, wealth and love.

Prices on request.

The flower of Venus

The flower of Venus, the flower of love, is a wonderfully potent sign that supports us in our love.

It unites us with the heart of Mother Earth.

The effect of the flower of Venus is that of attracting the beneficial forces of Venus and irradiating them, in harmony with Mother Earth, towards our field of consciousness. The flower of Venus is like a receiving antenna for the frequencies of Venus. These concentrate in one point and from there expand into the whole human consciousness. The forces of Venus cause a change in consciousness of humanity.

Man himself acts as an intermediary: he receives the Venusian forces and forwards them to the heart of Mother Earth.

Werner Johannes Neuner writes in his beautiful book The Flower of Love: “I long for the courage to grant admission into our life to the healing power of the senses. The flower of love is the key to it.”

Wonderful! I agree wholeheartedly with this wish.